About ECOIN project

ECOIN FINANCE is a decentralized & deflationary BEP20 token that is powered by "BNB Chain" network, the previous Binance Smart Chain. ECOIN will be an online payment platform through our integrated debit card. People around the world will be able to make easy, fast, and secure payments using your ECOIN balance. Besides that, you will watch your balance of ECOIN grow up by the reflections of our tokenomics each transaction.

We will also develop our own user-friendly crypto wallet app for Android & iOS where you can securely store, buy and exchange your favourite crypto’s and also the NFTs. This wallet will show all transactions, balances, and will also allow you to send and receive cryptocurrencies.


Our tokenomics works by taking an 8% fee on every transaction. That fee is broken up into 4 category. First, 2% will be sent to the administrative wallet, which will be for marketing, expense and development related to the ECOIN. 👇 Below you can see the rest of the parts.



ECOIN V2 has a 3% fee on each transaction which is automatically processed by the contract and turned into WBNB through micro-sales, which will later be added to the liquidity pool.


HOLDERS of our token can be rewarded simply by HOLDING the token by the 2% reflections of each transaction, which is a form of in-wallet staking that does not require tokens to be locked.

ECOIN V2 has now a dedicated function to 🔥 burn 1% automatically in every transaction, which means we are a deflationary token and you would expect this deflation to increase ECOIN value.


Token Name: Ecoin Finance (V2)
Token Ticker: ECOIN
Decimal: 18
Type: BEP20
Class: Utility/Governance
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 bi)
Burned: 649,439,760 (64.9%)


Ecoin Token V2
Ecoin NFTs
ECOIN Crypto Wallet App
Ecoin Debit Card
Ecoin Token Tracker DApp
EcoinSwap (Dex)
Ecoin Metaverse

Contract Address: 0x7d38315b92d0e7a85b35b2b7fe969b25935619d7

BNB Chain
IndoEX Exchange ECOIN/USDT
CoinsBit Exchange ECOIN/USDT
CoinStore Exchange ECOIN/USDT
Refinable NFTs
CoinMarketCap Charts
CoinGecko Charts
PooCoin Charts
DexTools Charts
Nomics Charts
Coin Stats


Low supply

We created 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) ECOIN v2 and at the start and we burn 64.9%, besides that, in each transaction, we burn 1% and it means that ECOIN will get scarcer over time.

Whale protection

The tokenomics anti-whale system taxes every transaction by 8% to assure that we won't have whales. Additionally, the max trade size is 0,5% of the total supply (1 billion of ECOIN token).

Robot protection

This feature will prevent bots NOT to purchasing tokens before anyone else when Liquidity pool v2 is created. By default, trading is disabled at start and can't be disabled again.

No large team wallet

We’ve held 2.5% from the Max Supply of 1 Billion for the DEVs, which eliminates any large team wallets. Also all the big whales are out and the holders wallets are well diluted.


ECOIN V2 smart contract it's not a Copy and Paste as other tokens use, it was exclusively coded & developed for Ecoin Finance purpose.

For our ecosystem operation, the contract needs to be flexible about the fee, that's why contracts aren't non-adjustable and renounced are just simply non-workable.
We could now adjust fees without sacrificing security, as our contracts has been incorporated a hard limit on how high we can set the rates.

Our contract was hardcoded using the last version 0.8.9 of the Solidity.

ECOIN is AUDITED by CertiK to give you all security you need.

Giveaway of 1 BNB 🔥

Giving away 1 BNB in ECOIN to 5 lucky winners for each time we are achieving a $5 Million Market Cap. (e. g. 5mc, 10mc, 15mc). The results and detailed information will appear on our Twitter account. (1 BNB divided by 5 each).

Next target: 5 million Market Cap.

Locked liquidity pool

The v2 liquidity pool (LP) has been locked for 6 months and before the time expires, we will extend this period.

We locked it on DxSale, which is one of the best for liquidity locking and certified by CertiK.

No Rug-pull. 🔐

The Team

Meet the Ecoin Finance Team.

Ronaldo Guedes
CEO & Founder
Previous occupation: Webmaster, Coder and Designer
Marcel Fernandes
Account Executive
Previous occupation: CMO and Marketing supervisor
Darcy Donavan
Producer, Business Executive, Author, Film & Television Actress, Recording Artist, Public Speaker & Social Media Influencer to 7 Million

Our doxxed collaborators

Flávio Moura
Strategic Planning Consultant
Demétrio Fernandes
Technology Operations Consultant
Poliana Cruz
Communication Consultant


The Ecoin V2 steps started in Phase 05 of the Roadmap. Fasten your seat belt.

Phase 01
Website launch
Social media up and running
Launch on Pancakeswap, no pre-sale
White Paper V1
PancakeSwap ICON add
BlockFolio request
Phase 02
Setting up Airdrops
Initial marketing
Token info and logo on BscScan 🎉
Phase 03
8 million market cap
First exchange listing
PooCoin Ads
Marketing campaign
Smart Contract Audit (Spade Solidity Audit)
Phase 04
10 million market cap
Meet the Ecoin Finance DEVs
Live AMA (Ask me Anything)
Fundraising for project at Gofundme
Marketing campaign
New language added to Website
Phase 05 NEW
Big changes in the Website
Migration Finish (step 1) (March, 26)
Exchange Listing (Coinsbit) (bonus)
Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap ICON
Exchange Listing (CoinStore) (bonus)
New languages added to Website
Phase 06
ECOIN Wallet APP under development
Public App release on Android
Big Marketing Campaign
Big announcement 🔥🍾🥂
Debit Card Feature released
Major Marketing campaign
New listing TOP 10 exchange 🔥
ECOIN Token Tracker DApp
EcoinSwap DEX
Insertion into the Metaverse
What's next?

This is not the last of our projects.

We will announce our next big project soon. Lots more to come from Ecoin Finance, we will never stop innovating.


    1. Download Trust Wallet from Google Play or App Store;
    2. Open Trust Wallet App and create a new wallet;
    3. Purchase on Binance (BNB or BUSD) Tokens and send them to your BSC address on Trust Wallet;
    4. Tap on DApps tab on the bottom, and find "PancakeSwap";
    5. Click on "Select a currency";
    6. Enter this contract address: 0x7d38315b92d0e7a85b35b2b7fe969b25935619d7
    7. It will load ECOIN token into PancakeSwap. Click ADD and then click on the token name;
    8. Set the amount of ECOIN you'd like to purchase, and set slippage to 12%;
    9. Then press "Swap" and enjoy your trip to the space!

    How To Buy Ecoin

    1. Open Trust Wallet App and Tap on DApps tab on the bottom, and find "Refinable";
    2. Tap to change Ethereum chain to "Smart Chain" at the upper right corner icon;
    3. Search: "Ecoin" and tap on it;
    4. Tap on "Connect" button and choose your wallet provider "Trust Wallet" or "MetaMask";
    5. Then you could see and buy one our NFTs using your BNB balance!
  • To learn more about migrating from ECOIN v1 to ECOIN v2 visit our Migration Guide or Migration FAQ.
  • The slippage would be too low (Try 12%) or not setting the ECOIN amount to a round number (Try changing the last number digit of the tokens to 9). Contact us on any of our social platforms if you have any problems.
  • No, not at all, just make sure you have more than 2,000 (2K) ECOIN V2 tokens in your wallet and you will receive reflections from each transaction.
    In other words, just by holding it you will see the number of tokens increasing automatically everyday as the community transacts.
  • This is a public wallet, and you could check it any time, but it is managed by the DEVs. Every time you buy or sell 2% of every transaction will be sent to this wallet and our contract will perform micro sales and convert that amount into WBNB every time someone sold Ecoin and it will be exclusively for marketing, promotion, and expenses related to the ECOIN token. The micro sales won't affect the charts.
  • We decide to create this token for the world, not for us. We are breaking the lack of transparency present in other DeFi tokens. Stay tuned in our social media and on our roadmap above, which we will be fulfilling over the remaining year of 2022.
  • We've burned over 64.9% of the total supply after launch ECOIN V2, besides that, Our Tokenomics has a native function to burn and it keep burning 1% in all transactions.

    While no more manual burns are currently planned currently, we may occasionally initiate a random burn.
  • Please send us your questions on Telegram or Twitter. We greatly appreciate your feedback, suggestions, and support.