Congratulations to the Ecoin Finance community for it’s first anniversary, especially where we have achieved great things. Below are some figures that show how much Ecoin Finance performed in the last 12 months:

  • We reached the mark of more than 50,000 (thousand) holders.
  • We reached 8,000,000 (million) in market value.
  • More than 208,000 (thousand) transactions.
  • We had over 1,200,000 (million) dollars in 24H trading by DEX PancakeSwap.
  • More than 13,460,000 (million) dollars in transactions through DEX PancakeSwap.

To build a strong foundation and to be constantly evolving in the cryptocurrency market, Ecoin Finance presents the timeline of the last 12 months:

  • Launch on the BSC network (May 2021): On May 15, 2021 was the official launch of Ecoin Finance (ECOIN) on DEX (Decentralized Exchange) PancankeSwap by BSC network (Binance Smart Chain) in the BNB/ECOIN pair.
  • CoinMarketpCap (May 2021): We listed on one of the largest globally known cryptocurrency monitoring sites, where users from all over the world have the accessibility to know and follow the market evolution of our token.
  • CoinGecko (May 2021): We listed on the website that has the main mission of democratizing data access and empowering users with practical information, giving the necessary accessibility for users to have detailed market reports at hand.
  • CEX IndoEx (June 2021): We are listed on CEX (Centralized Exchange) IndoEx which is based in the UK and Estonia and can be traded on ECOIN/BNB, ECOIN/USDT, ECOIN/BTC and ECOIN/ETH pairs.
  • NFT (October 2021): We launched our own NFT (non-fungible token). The main objective of the campaign was to allocate all the amount received from sales to fundraising to contribute to the development of the project. In addition to having used this means to accelerate the development process, it was also a way of giving our holders exclusive benefits for those who acquired our NFTs, as they will be the first to test the Beta version of the ECOIN Wallet (Beta Tester) when development is finished. and they will also receive the personalized and exclusive Debit Card upon launch.
  • Migration to V2 (March 2022): An important decision was taken into account for Ecoin Finance, which has more competitiveness with the largest current cryptocurrencies on the market.
    We made the following changes: Reduction of supply from 1,000,000:1 (from 1 quadrillion to 1 billion tokens). Adaptation of the contract to our own DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and insertion into the Metaverse 9, the security of the contract has been improved and written in the latest version 0.8.9 of Solidity, the “withdrawal function” has been added to recover BNB and other tokens accidentally sent to the contract, more flexibility in fee adjustments in special events and for specific contracts giving the ability to integrate more products into the ECOIN ecosystem and a hard limit on how high you can set the fees has also been incorporated for greater security and the “native burn function” has been added where v2 contract will have a dedicated function for token burning, can be adjusted to speed up the firing process.
  • rebranding (March 2022): We did a Rebranding, where the intention was to make the brand more attractive, representing version 2 of the new contract and the new products of the ECOIN ecosystem. The changes were the name, logo and visual identity.
  • CertiK (May 2022): Ecoin Finance was audited by CertiK, recognized as one of the largest cryptocurrency auditing firms in the world. With the audit certification we can set ourselves to a high standard, bringing more security to our holders and gaining more visibility and confidence to the new holders who will be part of the ECOIN family. In addition, we have Skynet as a plus, where the contract is monitored 24/7 (every day) by CertiK, further increasing reliability and security.

We made many achievements in our first year of lunching our trading and exceeded many targets and goals.
Just a little reminder to all our holders and investors that Ecoin is still young with many potential and utility to bring to our eco system. Patience pays off eventually.

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